The sweet anguish becomes a pleasure

“Building a program that is not familiar and while capturing the listener is not easy. Sina Kloke brilliantly mastered this self-imposed task and thus provided the basis for a strong Elbphilharmonie debut. The richness of the relations, which the pianist had created with her selection of works, merged under her hands into a sensual journey of discovery. (…)

With a differentiated touch, Sina Kloke explored the contrast between melancholy and intoxication in Debussy and made use of the chromatic detours that Enescu artfully uses to delay salvation: one likes to be put on the rack over and over again–the sweet anguish becomes a pleasure. (…)

In the Four Piano Pieces, op. 119,  by Brahms, Sina Kloke hit the mark. This soul-like music, which does not want to prove anything anymore, delivers its message with concise, shady gestures, requiring exactly that sensitivity for nuances and sense of good sound balance that characterize Kloke’s playing. In the rich, almost orchestral passages of the last and longest piece of Brahms, the young pianist kept her cultivated tone. She then explored the expressive variety in Clara Schumann’s oeuvre: the deep melancholy of the Ballade op. 6 and the virtuoso flickering in the Scherzo No. 2–soaked with a glowing passion that distinguishes many masterpieces of the 19th century. No question, the music is a win. Like the pianist too.”

19/04/02 I Hamburger Abendblatt (Marcus Staebler)

Sina Kloke turns Yamaha C7 into a musical firework

“She is young, promising, adventurous and a bit cheeky. More important though: She can play damn good! She accompanies singers, gives chamber music concerts and also is on the road as soloist; as one of the most promising pianists in the world – virtuosic, dynamic, passionate and humorous until the hall burns.

And so Kloke walked into the Paulus last minute in golden pumps and surprised the audience of the Sunday Matinee with her spontaneous piano playing. On her way from Germany her train had been delayed, so there was no time left to warm up on the Yamaha C7. Kloke decided not to make a big deal of it and walked in firmly to present Bach’s English suite no. 1 in A, BWV 806 with contemporary flair, with spicy dance rhythms, striking phrasing and elegant decorations. 

After that, Kloke, who had become familiar with the grand piano and the acoustics of the Paulus church, blossomed with her accurate and expansive interpretation of Pour le piano by Debussy, in which the pianist moved flexibly like a trout in running water.

It followed a masterly performance of Enescu’s Second Suite for the piano, op. 10, which Kloke has clearly grown together with. All facets of this fascinating Romanian were expressed in her playing: from playful to striking, from sensual to melancholy, from rhythmic to noble and silent.”

September 2018 I Nieuwe Muze Magazine (Wenneke Savenije)

Powerful virtuosity to the extreme

“The young Sina Kloke subtly modeled the miniatures of Tchaikovsky’s friend Anton Arensky between euphoria and absurdity, excelled tastefully with George Enescu’s Romanian tonal language, and presented the delightful e-minor sonata by the Danish romantic Niels Wilhelm Gade with powerful virtuosity. The fact that the young pianist has even another quite different face was proved by her encore with Enescu’s “Burlesque”: colorful grimaces, iron-hard shredding and cheeky pixies defined the soundscape here to the delight of the audience.”

18/08/19 I Kieler Nachrichten

World-class at an early age

“World-class at an early age: soloist Sina Kloke dazzles on the piano. The young pianist does not need to demonstrate her own technical brilliance, but therefore focuses entirely on the interaction with the orchestra. A musical achievement that deserves highest respect. (Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2)”

18/06/12 I Neue Westfälische

Impressive melodic flow

“Sina Kloke offered immense blasts of colors and an impressive melodic flow in each of the movements (Bach English Suite No. 1). Baroque techniques also included Claude Debussy’s “Pour le piano”. (…) Sina Kloke mastered the challenges of this work elegant and well aware oft the stylistic specifications.”

18/03/20 I Altenaer Tageblatt

Colorful Sound

“It is music which is rarely heard in concert (George Enescu Suite No. 2 and “Pièces Impromptues”), a colorful sound that exploits the possibilities of the piano. One could sink into it, one could also forget the abundance of the melodies between all the adornments, if one would not play piano like Sina Kloke – so exactly, spontaneously, instinctively and subtle.”

17/11/29 I Sueddeutsche Zeitung


Virtuosic lyricism

“A performance that evinced immense technical skill. The audience could
settle back and enjoy a rendition encompassing slower passages, virtuosic
lyricism, intense feeling and intimacy. It became obvious why Sina Kloke has
been able to achieve so much success in her blossoming artistic career.”

17/08/29 I Ostfriesische Zeitung

Truly world class

“Sina Kloke is one of Germany’s most talented pianists. In Friedrichskoog she performed pieces from Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms and Niels Wilhelm Gade with a degree of perfection that is seldom matched. The very stuff of dreams … truly world class.”

17/06/29 I Dithmarscher Landeszeitung

Enthusiastically celebrated Brahms Piano Concerto

“Sina Kloke tackles the concerto with great finesse. The bulky piano part is lightened to stunning effect. Whereas the adagio provides for intimate moments in conjunction with the strings. During her encore (G. Enescu, Pavane) the artist demonstrates all the more flair for nuanced piano playing.”

17/02/02 Westfälische Nachrichten

Pianist thrills sold-out Technoparc

“At the heart of the performance was the pianist Sina Kloke who, in accordance with the intention of the composer (Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1), accomplished a high level of sensitivity and combined opulently vigorous piano playing with great elegance. The final applause was overwhelming.”

17/01/22 Westfalen-Blatt

Personal, skillful, brilliant

Sina Kloke presented herself as a mature artist whose finely nuanced performance gave each work its own characteristic robe.  In her very personal interpretation of the English Suite No. 1 A Major BWV 806 of JS Bach, the lively dance movements were delivered with meticulousness and finesse. Her achievements in the slow movements deserve special respect. Seldom has this Suite been heard with such intensive commitment to the contrasting impressions of melancholy and joy of life while, at the same time, remaining faithful to the inherent style.  Sina Kloke demonstrates brilliant virtuosity employing her artistry in service of the music while expressing her own inspirational and intimate interpretations.

16/11/14 I Westfälische Nachrichten

Impressionistic blaze of color

“A sparkling, multicolored performance was given by Sina Kloke.  Her interpretation of the Toccata was rhythmically free of restraint.  The Sarabande flowed with a lightness that relieved the work of any rigidity.  The Pavane delighted her audience with its tranquil but progressive movement.”

16/06/13 I Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

Treasures of the music literature

“Bach’s first English Suite, in the hands of Sina Kloke, is polyphony at its best.  She thrilled the audience with her well constructed interpretation and received exuberant, well-deserved applause.”

16/02/22 I Remscheider Generalanzeiger

Intimacy and Noblesse

“Unrestricted recognition and admiration is due to the flawless performance of the Piano Concerto in D minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Sina Kloke, the soloist who played this work with such noblesse and intimacy.  Her artistic abilities are destined to continue the great tradition of classical music performers.  Further proof was the encore, Impromptu in G-flat major by Franz Schubert which created breathless excitement.”

15/09/15 I Westfalen-Blatt


“Sina Kloke earned enthusiastic applause. How brilliantly she swept over the keys when she played Carl Maria von Weber’s Concert piece for piano, romantic music at its best. This concert is a must.”

Lippische Landeszeitung

Imaginative and colorful tonal delivery

“They captivated all by merging their wonderful warm tonality with melodious clarity. Always cognizant of the composition’s tonal color, they perfectly blended each other’s musicianship with stylistic confidence in order to achieve a brilliant and distinctive performance.”

Marler Zeitung

“The highly gifted Sina Kloke plays with sensitivity and security…she is breathing the music.”

Lippische Landeszeitung

Instinct and Commitment

“Delicate passages and stunning virtuosity demonstrated the artistic ability and devotion necessary for such an emotionally sensitive interpretation.  These are the virtues that create a star of tomorrow.”


“The brilliant pianist Sina Kloke demonstrates considerable artistic maturity and fine musicianship.”

Paul Badura-Skoda, Vienna, on the presentation of selected Beethoven Sonatas

“Convincing throughout.  Can’t be surpassed.”

Neue Musikzeitung


BERLIN (Germany) I Piano Salon Christophori

Bach · Schubert · Debussy · Enescu

SEESEN (Germany) I Jacobson Hall

Bach · Mozart · Debussy

HAMBURG (Germany) I Bergedorfer Musiktage

Bach · Schubert · C. Schumann

MALLORCA (Spain) I Son Baulo

Program to be announced.