Glow Up Cologne

In a creative team from the art and culture scene, we implemented a concert format in the Kölner Philharmonie that focuses on the cohesion of a democratic society.

As an answer to spreading egoism and social division “Glow Up Cologne” focuses on integration, diversity and cohesion.

With a wide variety of artists and their diverse forms of expression, we present three social projects on this evening that show what is possible when humanity is more important than profit and people tackle this together: they are committed to social engagement and fight for more justice, just like the participants. 

We are attempting to break down the outdated structures of clichéd charity events and inspire people to take an active part in shaping our future.

The proceeds from the evening will benefit the following three projects in 2023:


  • ArtAsyl e.V. supports refugee artists
  • Women’s rights organization Medica Mondiale e.V. supports women and girls who have experienced sexualized violence in war and crisis zones
  • Un-Label unites artists with and without disabilities throughout Europe
#Edition 2023
In a conversation with Mathis Ubben, Sina Kloke discusses her motivation and addresses the question of why “Glow Up Cologne” could be considered a model project: