Captivating energy in swirling interactions

A soft piano intermezzo unfolded a mystical aura.  Sina Klokes performance evoked extreme musical sensitivity that highlighted the polystylistic contrasts in the composition and its waltz and jazz elements.  Poignant tenderness contrasted with powerful chords. The audience demonstrated their enthusiasm with prolonged applause.  The pianists appreciation was evidenced by an encore of the Pavane from Suite Number 2 op. 10 by the Romanian, George Enescu, which was delivered with great richness.”

24.2.2022 I Lippische Landeszeitung (Thomas Krügler)

Impressive concert virtuosity

“The first concert Enescu and his Contemporaries” was performed by the outstanding personality and pianist Sina Kloke.  Sina Kloke gave a convincing performance of the Vivace con brio (Enescu Sonata op. 24 No. 3 in C major) with the spirited character of the exposition, highlighting the modulations and developments of the work in a masterly and virtuosic manner.  The Andante cantabile then revealed the romantic background of the piece while recalling the authentic, folk-like nature of Enescus work.  The very moving finale, Allegro con spirito, brought out the complexity of the composition, brilliantly conveyed by the soloist.”

21.09.2021 I (Lavinia Coman)

Absolutely fabulous

It was absolutely fabulous.  The ambience created here ensured that, however long the concert lasted, you were the music and wished that it would never end.“

21.09.2021 I HotNews Romania (Dana Cristescu)

Out of conviction

Sina Kloke is a very special, highly sensitive pianist who did not take the commercial path in her career, but has earned herself a voice out of conviction for the music.”

07.01.2020 I Piano News (Carsten Dürer)

Sweet agony becomes pleasure

“Building a program that dispenses with the familiar and still excites the listener is not an easy task.  Sina Kloke mastered this self-imposed task brilliantly thus laying the foundation for a strong Elbphilharmonic debut.  With a discerning touch, Sina Kloke explored Debussys contrast between melancholy and intoxication and savored Enescus artful deliverance of chromatisism.  One is happy to be put on the rack again and again;  the sweet agony becomes pleasure.

No question, the music is a sensation, as is the pianist.”

02.04.2019 I Hamburger Abendblatt (Marcus Stäbler)