Humanitarian issues, topics such as diversity and equal rights are becoming increasingly relevant and setting new standards for a contemporary, open cultural and concert scene.

TangoFusion responds to this fact with a concert format of the same name: the moderated program combines a classical piano recital with Argentine tango and provides contemporary, charming impulses on the topics of diversity, flight and social clichés – topics that also play a role in the history of tango.

The three musicians of the German-Argentinian trio with roots in classical music, jazz and tango share a passion for musical synergy.

In their program, Sina Kloke, Nacha Daraio and Nicolás Perez, in addition to their own arrangements, present a line-up of composers rarely seen together in conventional concert programming:  Bach next to Ginastera, Grieg next to Troilo, Beethoven next to Piazzolla, Chopin next to Charlo, Gardel or own arrangements.

Soothing virtuoso guitar sounds, dazzling piano tone, Latin grooves and passionate velvety vocals provide an energetic musical experience, whether at traditional milongas or on the concert stage.

By combining both styles of music, TangoFusion brings together a more diverse audience than is often possible in a traditional classical concert and creates space for encounters and dialogue.


True tango has nothing to do with glamour.

Nacha Daraio

The Tango,  in particular, originates from the fusion of diverse musical influences and is therefore, today, a musical translation of transculturality.